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Email Tarot Reading for insight and clarity.


Email Tarot Reading


How does an email reading work?

The tarot works whether you meet with me in person or if I read for you remotely. An email reading can provide you with insight into relationships, work, spirituality or your life’s path, just like a reading done face to face.

With several pages of focused information and card images, an email reading provides a document you can refer to again and again. A spread of cards will be chosen or created to suit your inquiry and your reading is a unique creation and written to order. I do not use templates and take time to do your reading just as I would if seeing you in person.

What will I receive?

Your Email Tarot Reading will be prepared and sent to you as a PDF file with text and card images. It is normally sent within five days of ordering but you will be kept up to date if there are any changes to this, for example during busy periods.

How do I ask my question?

Once you have placed your order, I will get in touch via email to ask you what you’d like me to read about. This can be a specific question or it can be a request for a more general overview of something you want to know about.

It’s worth remembering that if you are open with me about your situation, the cards will give you more accurate and personalised guidance. Whilst I do many readings without any information from the querent, there is an opportunity here for you to get very specific guidance by sharing your situation with me.

Is my reading private?

Please be assured that I share your reading with no one and the digital file is kept securely. Likewise, I do not share our correspondence in any way and am careful with online security at all times.


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