Tarot Foundations – Installment One


Installment One of the Tarot Foundations Course. A private, one-to-one course for beginners or returners Click here to read more or buy the course in full.



This is the item you need to buy to pay for INSTALLMENT ONE of the Tarot Foundations course. Click here to pay for the course in full or read below to find out more.


If you are just beginning to learn the tarot and want a course in the basics, this is for you. Tarot tuition to help you lay the foundations of reading.

Six, hour-long one-to-one sessions based in Belper, Derbyshire, are carefully paced and tailored to help you understand the cards and build confidence in reading.

Sessions include:

  • The structure of the tarot
  • Understanding the meanings of the cards
  • How cards work with each other
  • Using the cards to create a reading
  • Lots of reading practice
  • Tips and methods to help you memorise the cards
  • Creating a tarot diary
  • Follow up emails with exercises and feedback

Refreshments are included and learning resources provided for you to take home.

Had a deck of cards for a long time but haven’t quite built up the confidence to give readings? This is a great way to finally get to grips with all those difficult meanings and use your cards with others.

Sessions are arranged to be mutually convenient with weekday, weekend and evening options available. You can choose to have all your sessions over three weeks (subject to availability), once a week, or over a period of up to six months from date of booking.


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