Tarot Reading – in person


In-person tarot reading with Derbyshire Tarot.


A tarot reading in person gives you an opportunity to be completely part of the process, to handle the cards and see how they are laid out and engage with the images. You can even choose which deck of cards we work with. As always, I offer an informal and friendly style with the reading growing organically into a space for us to explore questions, ideas and possibilities as they arise. A tarot reading, then, is like a conversation where together we build the story of your life or delve into the nitty-gritty of the situation you’re asking about. Readings last about an hour.

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Before booking please get in touch via the contact form to check my availability. We will then arrange a time and place for us to meet and can discuss any special requirements you might have. If you live outside of Derbyshire, please do get in touch as an in-person reading may still be possible. Once details are agreed, I will direct you back to this order page for payment.

Please note that if you can travel to Belper for your reading, a £10 discount will apply.

…a phenomenal reader. She really connects and is genuinely talented. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

So good. I had to come back for another followup.


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