February 2022

For this month’s reading, I am using the Robert M. Place deck, The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery. The three cards drawn are The High Priestess (known in this deck as The Sibyl), The 10 of Coins, and The King of Cups.

tarot cards

I chose to do this month’s reading using the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery because this deck feels for me like the perfect set of cards to look inwards and to consider the deeper meanings of the tarot. 

And that’s where we begin this month. Straight out of the deck we see The High Priestess with her scroll and book and faithful companion at her feet. She sits alone outside the village or town where she lives and in the moonlight, ponders the mysteries. Whenever we take this card from the deck, it’s a call to look inwards to find truth and to listen to the intuition which has never lead us astray. What’s that you say? Your intuition and inner knowing isn’t up to much? Piffle! Your inner knowing is a wise as the Sibyl on her throne here. Whether you choose to listen to yourself is another matter. How many times have you got yourself in a sticky situation and said, ‘I knew I shouldn’t have done that…’? 

As we listen to our deepest universal wisdom, we come face to face with truth and we are then tasked with the issue of making that truth part of our physical world. This is a good month for studying the deeper mysteries, esoteric matters and the strange. But as we go inwards, we find ourselves face to face not with some apparent magical secret, but with the message given by the Ten of Coins. This card might be almost the direct opposite to the High Priestess, speaking as it does of earthly concerns, matters of practicality, money and wealth. The Ten here shows that we might be questioning these issues in our life. There is reassurance here that the world is filled with abundance and we have created something stable and lasting in our lives. But perhaps, with the High Priestess here, we wonder how we can move beyond the solely material.

But how can we pull together the apparent disconnection of the intuitive knowledge of the High Priestess and the rich abundance and earthly manifestation of the Coins?  

The answer lies in the King of Cups who holds within his grasp knowledge and experience. He is mature, intelligent and understands the spiritual side of life. He is able to give good, compassionate advice to those around him. 

So the truth that the High Priestess asks us to see might be the idea that, to live to our fullest on earth, we must transcend the concerns of wealth and acquisition and look to our spiritual maturity. How can we grow in this way? There is also a strong suggestion here that we are reaching the end of a cycle and are ready to move into the next phase of our understanding. 

As well as harking to our inner voice, this would be a good time to reach out to someone who has the qualities of the King of Cups and learn from them. You may also wish to look at the vast abundance in your own life, and consider, like a King looking over his domain, what it is that you truly possess.