Elin Derbyshire tarot

 My name is Elin and I have been reading the tarot for over twenty years.

I launched Derbyshire Tarot in 2018 so people could access a reading with me or learn how to use the rich wisdom and symbolism of the cards themselves.

I have a relaxed and personal reading approach and when I lay out the cards I hope to help you get to the heart of a knotty problem, gain clarity or make decisions.

As an experienced teacher, I enjoy helping learners from all backgrounds to build their skills and confidence in the tarot with a personalised approach.

The tarot has been around since the 15th century and has its roots in decks of playing cards used in the European courts of the middle ages.


Across the continent the cards are still used to play games today, but the tarot deck as an esoteric tool is now distinct. Used for divination, for self-development and spiritual purposes, the cards are versatile and give us support and perspective in decision making.

The tarot offers a way for us to tap into our inner well of knowledge and gain wisdom from universal archetypes, images and ideas. It allows us to take control of our own fate or destiny and to understand ourselves and the situations in which we find ourselves.

There are now thousands of different tarot decks published, many taking influence from diverse cultures, historical periods, artistic movements, even TV shows and cult novels. All, however, have the same roots and with study and practice can function as valuable tools in our quest for self-knowledge and understanding of the world.

Much magic, myth, tradition and superstition surround the cards, but you can be assured that in receiving a reading or learning to use the cards yourself, you are completely safe. The cards cannot choose your fate or destiny, but rather act as a mirror to the self or a window on deeper, universal mysteries. Many find receiving a tarot reading therapeutic or that it speaks back to them truths which were already known subconsciously. Its versatility means having a tarot reading can be a lot of fun or the doorway into a true spiritual and intellectual journey for the committed learner.