Hi folks,

Sorry for the radio silence here at Derbyshire Tarot. Since I last posted I have moved house and that took up the better part of the summer. I also began doing a Masters degree in Creative Writing with the Open University in the autumn which is going really well. I have still been teaching and reading tarot with Derbyshire Tarot regulars and querents across the UK, though, and thank you all for your support.

I am delighted to be back here, and as you can see I have updated the website to give it a fresher and simpler look. I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas about the cards in some more regular posts, including how I’ve been using the tarot to help with my creative writing.

It’s impossible to greet you all again without mentioning what’s going on in the world. There is one card that stands out as we think about the situation we found ourselves in and that is The Tower. The Tower represents the chaos that rushes through our lives when unexpected or violent change happens. None of us could have anticipated the array of difficulties we would be presented with as the whole world suddenly shifted gear. It is understandable to feel emotional or even grief-stricken as we adjust to the new normality of our lives.

But the Tower isn’t all about destruction and chaos. It is also about rebuilding and new growth. After the demolition has taken place and the rubble is cleared away, we are left with a place to put down new foundations. As much as this feels like an ending, we have been given a gift of creation. Just like Bastian, the boy in Michael Ende’s beautiful ‘The Neverending Story’, we can choose what our new reality will look like when this is all over. The Childlike Empress tasks Bastian with using his imagination to rebuild what was lost. It us up to us now to have faith in our imagination and to create beauty once more.

Whilst all this is going on, and until the end of 2020, I have restructured the way you can access readings and tarot tuition here at Derbyshire Tarot. I have reduced prices too in order to make what I offer more accessible for people. For readings, you have the choice of an email or an online reading, and teaching is offered online too. I hope to be able to offer face to face readings, lessons and workshops again really soon but until now, I’d love to connect with you over some cards virtually. Do get in touch!


Lots of love

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