This morning I took a little time to do some short readings for clients and, as often happens, found that there was a common thread running through them. It’s not unusual to find the same cards turning up over and over when I do a number of readings in succession. For a long time I worried that I wasn’t shuffling well enough or ‘clearing’ the deck. These days I favour the theory that similarities running through people’s readings, especially those I do in quick succession, is to be expected. We do not live alone. We are not islands. Each of us is connected through our humanity. All of us are affected by and respond to events in our community and the wider world. We are all touched, all the time, by influences seen and unseen.

The world is very noisy at the moment. As well as the constant stream of news, opinions, statistics and statements, there is the deafening roar of fear. In the early days of restrictions, I found that stepping outside the house risked being choked by a miasma of terror which whirled around the streets like some London peasouper. In March and early April this year, the tarot readings were all threaded through with cards that somehow spoke of that fear and of the events going on. When interpreting readings in these conditions, you can of course look at the cards as they pertain to a querent’s specific question, but a new element, a backdrop or context, also peeps through and can give more dimension to the reading.

Despite things still being very chaotic, the energy around the place thankfully feels a little calmer now. The tarot readings this week, and this morning in particular, felt much more reassuring. There was an abundance of cups and the World showed up several times. While we could unpick the World card and examine all its meanings and get into the nitty gritty of all those cups, sometimes it’s worth looking at things in a more straightforward manner. The World and Cups – the world is filled with love and compassion. The Cups shower all their blessings and kindnesses over us. While the news and social media hammer on about dark things, many people in the world are doing their best to spread comfort and peace.

I hope you’re finding a bit of peace and comfort during this bonny spring. Do get in touch if you’d like a reading or if you have any tarot questions. Remember you can find us @DerbyshireTarot on Twitter and Instagram.

Lots of love

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