Tarot Reading Journal – Printable Download with over 45 pages



Derbyshire Tarot Journal

Tarot Reading Journal Printable Download with over 45 pages for you to use for your readings, card and deck studies, forecasts and client work.


  • Spreads
  • Keywords for Major and Minor Arcana cards
  • Personality Reading
  • Zodiac Forecast
  • Seasons Forecast
  • Royal Reading
  • Moon Phase Forecast
  • Client Record Sheets
  • Tarot Reading Record Sheets
  • Major and Minor reference sheets for recording your own keywords
  • Drawing pages

…and lots more!

The more tarot readings you do, the better and more fluent you become as a reader both for yourself and for other people. By keeping a record of the readings you do and the observations you make, you will be able to refer back when a card comes out of the pack again, or when your client comes back to you for more information on a particular topic.

With this Tarot Reading Journal Printable Download you can print out each page as many times as you like and create your own unique tarot file. Deepen your knowledge of the cards and build up your own personal reference and record to make yourself a better and more confident card reader.

I wish I had a journal like this when I was learning to read the cards as it would have given me such insight into the patterns that can develop and the individual, personal meanings that cards come to have to a reader. There is space here to explore your deck collection, compare decks and even design your own.

The Derbyshire Tarot Journal comes as a set of high quality PDF files which you can save to your device and print at home or via a printing service of your choice.


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